Julia Duscher

Lied Duo

Julia Duscher I Rebeka Stojkoska

Julia Duscher and Rebeka Stojkoska have been linked by an intensive musical partnership as a Lied-Duo since 2019. With interest and passion for a wide ranged repertoire the duo works on pieces from the classical, romantic and contemporary periods. The young musicians attended master classes with Ian Bostridge and Donald Sulzen and are currently preparing for upcoming Lied-competitions.
Born in Macedonia in 1995, the pianist Rebeka Stojkoska moved to Germany to pursue her piano studies at the University of Music in Freiburg with Andreas Bach, where she finished her Liedgestaltung master studies with Pauliina Tukiainen in 2019. Most recently she has specialized in Liedgestaltung and chamber music, has won several prizes on an international level in those categories and is now starting her career as an active concert musician working with various duos and ensembles. Simultaneously, Rebeka Stojkoska is persuing a postgraduate degree in Liedgestaltung at the Mozarteum Salzburg.

Hugo Wolf Competition 2020 1st Round

Hugo Wolf Competition 2020 2nd Round

Julia Duscher

Barock Duo

Julia Duscher I Robert Selinger

The duo’s work focuses on composers such as Giulio Caccini, Francesca Caccini, Girolamo Frescobaldi and Claudio Monteverdi. Together, they develop concert programs that reflect the vocal music of the Renaissance and Early-Baroque in all its complexity and drama. As an essential part of their collaboration harpsichordist Robert Selinger and soprano Julia Duscher discover the influence of poetry, metrics and historical sources.

Robert Selinger has built a successful career as a versatile performer-researcher. As an active musician he masters a variety of keyboard instruments and regularly appears with several ensembles. His teaching activities at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg include the entire spectrum of theoretical subjects, basso continuo and chamber music. As a researcher he deals with historically informed performance practice of the 15.-19. century and is known for his methodical diversity, unconventional approaches and eloquent presentations.


Julia Duscher


In forming the ensemble, Vokalzirkel, four young musicians (Eric Price, Katharina Guglhör, Jonas Salzer, and Julia Duscher) have set their sights on letting great music resound in small groups. The ensemble is made up of eight professionally trained soloists, each with a great deal of ensemble
experience. With the generous support of the Konzertgesellschaft München e.V., the group intends
partially to organize its own concerts, such as a soloistic performance of the Bach Motets at the
Allerheiligen Hofkirche in Munich, conducted by Gerd Guglhör early in 2021; while the individual
members pursue their intensive activity as sought-after soloists throughout Germany.

contact: info@vokalzirkel.de